Use your mouth (Jepi me gojë)

Performance, video, video performace, photo performance

In the project Use your mouth the Haveit group present their artistic engagement that vehemently rebels against the oppression of women prevalent in Albanian society, LGBT discrimination, power and water shortages, as well as nationalism. One of the guiding themes of their art is protest against the patriarchal yoke of their daily lives, which highlights the gender stereotypes and male supremacy of the society. They also try to illustrate their struggle with the day-to-day difficulties confronted by nearly every Kosovar and so to draw more attention to injustice in the youngest country in the Balkans. Haveit has reflected their artistic practice through public and theatre performances, street interventions, video and photo performances. The project Use Your Mouth contains: live performance Use Your Mouth, video of performances Examination and No Water, Fountains Everywhere; the video performance Mechanic of Classic; and the photo performances Valentine’s Day andHanging on a Curtain. (Haveit)