Cultural Gender Practices Network of the South-Eastern Europe

Round table

The understanding of the economics of gender discrimination and gender issues in labour markets has led to gender-oriented subfields in labour economics, development economics and even macroeconomics. What happens in cultural economics and fields of art production? Creation of art is not just an aesthetic decision, but also an economic one. How do we turn our backs on the fact that women traditionally have faced lower returns on the investment of their energies into art? Focusing on practical examples from the region we'll try to find guidelines for making lives (and art) easier for women artists. A panel discussion will be moderated by Gabrijela Ivanov (K-zona).

Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: Cultural Gender Practices Network of the South-Eastern Europe, Vox Feminae platform, Škuc Gallery.

Supported by: Zaklada Kultura nova.

Free entrance.