Mala Kline - Dream Hostel CII

Dream Hostel CII is a durational 23-hour performance where the audience is invited for a sleep over and a day at DHCII. Upon arrival, the audience is initiated into the practice of dreaming through imagery exercises. They are taught to ask for a (night) dream and remember it. After waking, with the assistance of the performers, each dream at the time is opened and its burning necessity addressed. All dreams configure a communal dream–map, which we open, as we do with individual dreams, to respond to its necessities. It is through our communal dreaming that an alternative vision of community begins to unfold. Throughout the duration of performance, you may leave and return as desired, but we recommend that you stay present continuously, as this stimulates your dreaming. DHCII is for those ready to surrender to their dreaming for a day and see beyond what they already know. If you think you don’t dream, worry not, for dreams will come to you. DHCII is an oracular machine that predicts only possible presents. (Mercedes Klein)

Dream Hostel CII is the final event of the DREAMLAB Autumn 2014 edition – a series of short intensive workshops and experimental events that through diverse practices, perspectives and approaches to communal dreaming explore the potentiality of communitas. Besides Mala Kline, Bonnie B. Buckner (Communal Dreaming – open workshop on September 29th and 30th), Elke Van Compenhout (Swarms and Radical Ethics – experimental event – September 30th) and Petra Veber (What Do Images Want? – open workshop – October 1st) will also all contribute to this DREAMLAB edition. For the full program, see: To apply for a workshop, e-mail: Reservations are mandatory. Please send an email stating your full name, email address, and telephone number, and the title and date of the event for which you would like to make a reservation.

DREAMLAB is a mobile laboratory for research and development of dream and imagery work in the context of performing arts. It serves as a platform where different approaches, practices and methods of work with imagination and body are being applied and developed as vehicles for an alternative production of relationality, creativity and knowledge in different fields of human endeavour, such as performing arts, education and business. The collective formats of work and exchange enable the spaces in-between to unfold and become accessible as a space of potential, communal intelligence and creativity. The work in DREAMLAB is based in School Of Images Methods™ of dreaming, which induce transformative and affective power of images received from within through one’s inner gazing.

Concept and Choreography: Mala Kline; Space, Light Design, Projections: Petra Veber; Technical Director: Luka Curk; Visuals: Izar Lunaček; Consulting: Bonnie Buckner; Performers: Loup Abramovici, Anja Bornšek, Tomislav Feller, Adriana Josipović, Mala Kline, Jasmina Križaj, Roberta Milevoj; Producer: Žiga Predan.

Production: Mercedes Klein & Pekinpah / KINK KONG; Co-production: City of Women, SC – Kultura promjene & TD Teatar, Plesna izba Maribor, a.pass research center.

Supported by: Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Real Estate and Department for Protection, Rescue and Civil Defence, SOI Slovenia.


Dream Hostel CII