Vendredi Soir

2002 / 90'

Direction: Claire Denis

It’s Friday night. Laure packs up all her possessions. Tomorrow she will open a new chapter in her life by moving in with her boyfriend. Tonight she leaves her empty apartment where she never felt at home and jumps in her car to go to have dinner with her friends. She gets stuck in a terrible traffic jam. She has completely forgotten about the mass transit strike. But Laure doesn’t mind, because she feels good in her car. It’s warm, she listens to the music, and she is safe. It’s winter outside. The pedestrians rush home in all directions, traffic is stopped, there’s the sound of horns, people are tense and agitated. All but a man in a dark coat who stands still just few steps away. In the neon lights, he approaches between the cars.

Date and time of event: 
Sep 26th 19:00
Place of event: 
Slovenska Kinoteka