Photo: Kryštof Kalina

Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina

Dance Performance
2013 / 35'

The solo dance performance by this established Czech artist is based on movement in the context of image and various rhythmic structures of music and sounds. This magnetic ballerina flutters inside a minimalist and yet multi-dimensional space created with a thought to expand the usual perception and experience of dance. Intense movement choreography is fused with a collage of sound sequences whilst the interactive lighting design emphasises a nonviolent, at times vulnerable as well as somewhat irritating and consciously repulsive concept of a dance performance. As a whole, it is a personal testimony of the artist’s unique and obstinate obsession with movement. (From the artist’s press kit material)

The performance is part of the Lighting Guerrilla and the City of Women festival programmes.

Concept, Choreography and Movement: Andrea Miltnerová; Sound and Lighting Design: Jan Komárek; Production: MOTUS o.s. – Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre, Prague.

Organisation: Lighting Guerrilla/Forum Ljubljana, Dance Theatre Ljubljana, City of Women.

Free entrance. Ticket collection an hour prior to the performance. Prior reservations at (+384 41 365 184).

Date and time of event: 
Oct 10th 19:00
Place of event: 
Dance Theatre Ljubljana