Dionisi Theatre Company - Bastard Nights

Theatre Performance
2009 / 70'

Bastard Nights is a tapestry of panels rendered in the form of stand-up comedy, exhibitionism, video, drama, satire, and tragedy. There’s an official version of the past and there’s an official version of the present. Both versions are usually presented by television and the mass media. The television has become the truth that we attempt to reproduce in our daily lives. In order to do so, you have to be tendentially good-looking, tendentially rich, tendentially successful. But there’s a problem: we are more usually crooked and inadequate. Tendentially less than good-looking and wealthy, and recently stripped of our hope for the future… (Dionisi Theatre Company)
Direction: Renata Ciaravino, Carmen Pellegrinelli; Performing: Renata Ciaravino, Carmen Pellegrinelli; Silvia Gallerano; Lighting: Carlo Compare; Production: Dionisi Theatre Company, Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione Culturale Citta Di Gallarate, Next-Regione Lombardia
Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: Glej Theatre.

Supported by: A Space for Live Art.