Barbara Kapelj Osredkar - Dear Duša

Documentary performance
2012 / 90’

Štefka Drolc and Iva Zupančič; two brilliant Slovene theatre and film actresses, meet in a forest of memories where they talk about their lives. They go back to their childhood, their youth, to the source of their creative efforts. They go back to ponder on the sense of the acting profession, to nights where they spent too long on stage under the floodlights. They revive their existences in all the dimensions of Plato's definition of a soul intertwined by logos as a thought, thinking, knowing, thymos as emotion and eros as desire. All of that what constitutes and obsesses an artist, actress, mother, wife, lover, grandmother and daughter on a long creative journey mixed with successes, unusual adventures, a rollercoaster of emotions, falls, tears, darkness, light, yearnings, smiles, stage makeup, flowers and audience. Dear Duša is at the same time an intergenerational conflict, ruminating on eternity and transitoriness, on aging, age and remembering which triggers in a theatre like in a cell of memory. The performance is a collage of scenes from various dramas, chansons, conflicts, wishes, passions and transitoriness, disappearing. It is an infinite forest of memories and a remembering of theatrical souls that lived and worked with Duša Počkaj to whom the performance is dedicated on the 30th anniversary of her death. (Barbara Kapelj Osredkar)

Direction, concept: Barbara Kapelj Osredkar; Co-authors: Štefka Drolc, Iva Zupančič;Dramaturgy consultant: Ivanka Mežan, Blaž Lukan, Nataša Berce; Music by: Eduardo Raon; Video by: Luka Umek

Co-production: City of Women, Cankarjev dom, Generator Institute.

Supported by: A Space for Live Art.

Additional re-runs will be held on October 16th and 18th.