Alice Schmid - The Children from the Napf

2011 / 87'

Cow shampooing, playing with kittens, hen feeding, caring for deer, protecting sheep against wolves, grass cutting, wrestling, a bicycle race, singing, accordion playing, making cookies, folklore dancing – all of this is done by fifty children who live on the mountain farms in the heart of Switzerland on Mount Napf. They walk to school, 3.5 kilometres to the village of Romoos, sometimes through the blossoming pastures and other times plodding through deep snow. They have to learn to live in nasty weather conditions and to avoid thunderbolts. In addition, children learn from their fathers the ancient craft of charcoal burning which brings alpine villages some extra money. In the film, we walk from farm to farm and experience through the children eyes what it's like when a wolf suddenly turns up or a mountain hawk gets a chicken. Alice Schmid spent 365 days with her camera among the children and produced a powerful portrait of the Swiss “Wild West”. (Petra Slatinšek)

Direction, sound and production: Alice Schmid; Editing: Caterina Mona; Cast: Children from the Napf

Organisation: Kinodvor – Kinobalon; In collaboration with: City of Women; Supported by: Embassy of Switzerland, Demiurg.

The premiere will be followed by a discussion with the director Alice Schmid as well as Caroline and Julia Vogel who appeared in the film. The discussion with the director and performers will be in German, English and Slovene. It will be moderated by Petra Slatinšek, director of Kinobalon programme.