Photo: Bryan Spencer

Teenage Lontano

Sound Performance
2008 / 30’

Lontano composed by the famous Hungarian György Ligeti in 1967, has in the new millennium been reinterpreted by Marina Rosenfeld in an original and conceptual manner. Teenage Lontano has been created somewhere between an adaptation and an interpretation by which means Rosenfeld enters the space between classical and popular music. She re-assembled an orchestral work into a vocal composition for a teenage choir and introduced into it a number of approaches which do not originate from the European modernist music tradition but rather from a tradition of experimental music, with John Cage at the front. In her work, Rosenfeld explores and transposes the relations between composition, vigorous structure and the spontaneity of improvisation. Via mp3 player, the choir listens to the adapted parts of the original composition and responds to it. Therefore the original medium is no longer a score but a sound recording. There's a massive rotating speaker suspended above the choir spinning at 33 revolutions per minute thus personifying a rotating gramophone record, an object of pop culture and an object par excellence in the work of Marina Rosenfeld. The speaker introduces into the space electronic sounds and noises. In an astute manner, Rosenfeld anchors an audio experience from the tradition of high modernism not only in the concept of popular music but also in the very essence of listening to music today. (Luka Zagoričnik)

Project participants are students of the Pre-school Education and Grammar School Ljubljana.

Co-production: MoTA Institute, City of Women, Kino Šiška Center for Urban Culture; In collaboration with: Pre-school Education and Grammar School Ljubljana.

Supported by: Supported by: U.S. Embassy Ljubljana and A Space for Live Art

After sound performance, event in the organisation and production by SONICA - International Festival of Transitory and Experimental Art  presents Victor Joaquim & Maria Fandango, a musical-visual duo whose performance will maintain the atmosphere following Marina Rosenfeld's sound performance.

Afterparty: DJ Sestra


Date and time of event: 
Oct 13th 21:00
Place of event: 
Kino Šiška Center for Urban Culture