Photo: Dule Jelen

Her So-Called Life (Njen takozvani život)

Slam Performance
2010 / 50'

Her So-Called Life is a slam performance, public action and excess from the controversial writer Minja Bogavac. In a wannabe MC, hip-hopper, manifestative and lively manner, and sometimes (possibly) wise way, Minja Bogovac talks about:
Herself. About You. About Others. … lots of others.
About Friends. And Enemies.
(who needs enemies with the friends she has!)
About Ex-Boyfriends. Future Boyfriends.
About Boyfriends with whom she could never…
Not even if she wanted!
About the Republic government. City government.Decentralisation of Culture.
About Repertoire policy. Culture policy. Politics in a broader sense.
About Apoliticalness too.
About Face, Myspace, Yourspace … Cyberspace.
She calls: Men and women Colleagues. Rappers and in particular Women Rappers. Writers and especially: Women Writers… Then: city hot-shots, wannabe city hot-shots, film critics, ministers, deputy ministers, James Bond and Karadjordjev steak…
She gives you an excellent opportunity to peep into Her… so-called… Life, but she’s not a subtenant of Big Brother’s house, nor a part of an OT band, she’s not a Survivor and she’s not hooked up to a lie detector in the Moment of truth.
Meaning that she might lie… But in doing so she is: furious and brave.
Mad and stupid. Sweet and dear. The same and madder. Impudent and miserable.
Manifestative and yet: tepid. … Actually, She is contradictory.
And what Life could she possibly have?!
The so-called!!! Contradictory! Definitely stupidest life in the world!!!
(Minja Bogavac)

Music, visual and technical assistance: Igor Marković

Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration: Menza pri koritu – AKC Metelkova.

Supported by: A Space for Live Art.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 05th 22:30
Place of event: 
Menza pri koritu – AKC Metelkova