Foto: Nada Žgank

Building a Bright Future (International Event)

Production, 2011
International event

The work represents a collective game of building card towers. Apart from being just a game, the tower of cards is also an expression, meaning structure or argument built on a shaky foundation or on one that will collapse if a necessary (but possibly overlooked or unexpected) element is removed. It is performed by the audience, individually or in groups, for the duration of the exhibition, simultaneously presenting a constantly changing installation. The backs of the cards have been specially designed with an image of a peace chain, with an equal number of men and women, standing for the vision of a ‘bright future’. Each player is marked by a badge as a ‘builder of a bright future’, standing for the awareness of individual responsibility. The idea of building a bright future with playing cards is dystopian in its start, as it seems an impossible task to get so many little pieces of paper to balance on one another. However, there’s a possibility that a tower can be built with patience and the correct technique. This happens especially when a profound group dynamic has been created. (Predrag Pajdic)

Production and organisation: City of Women

Date and time of event: 
Jun 30th - Aug 12th
Place of event: 
Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb / Hrvaška
Trijenale hrvatskog kiparstva
Date and time of event: 
Nov 24th
Place of event: 
Dom omladine, Belgrade / Serbia
LIMIT - Live Art Festival / The Night of Performance Art (curator Zvonimir Dobrović)