Building A Bright Future (Milijana Babić)

International event: LIMIT - Live Art Festival at Dom omladine, Belgrade / Serbia, November 24th 2012


The second edition of LIMIT Live Art Festival will take place from 22 till 25 November 2012 at Dom omladine Belgrade.

Its aim is to promote innovative artists and companies which challenge the borders of performing arts. The expression ”live art” is not used here as a definition of an artistic form or genre, but it points towards the focus of the festival, which is to promote the principle of a permanent experiment in artistic processes and practices.

The project Building A Bright Future (Milijana Babić) was presented November 24th in the frame of The Night of Performance Art.

The curator of The Night of Performance Art is Zvonimir Dobrović, who also represents the Perforacije Festival, a festival's partner organization from Zagreb.

More about the LIMIT - Live art Festival please click here


foto: Dom omladine Belgrade / Stanislav Milojković