Foto: Predstave Eksplozija, © Nada Žgank

T-shit – At This Moment


At This Moment, when everybody walks around in T-shirts of all sorts, the co-authors of the Explosion project enjoy the streets and the passers-by.
“At this moment” was the principal creative drive behind Explosion. Now, a part of that performance is, as a new unit, being transferred onto the street; a kind of a hand pointing to those who need a hug, who need to be stirred, who are, at this moment, given the hand of destiny, which draws, a hand that delivers a message.
Barbara Kapelj and Ines Šimunic are architecture graduates who have been passionate about drawing and sketching since their youth. At this moment, they will record, indicate, outline, underline and illustrate moments, the atmosphere of a moment passed on to them by an individual or a moment in the street itself. You may bring to the venue a white or black T-shirt, even underwear, a piece of cotton wardrobe, or surrender your white wardrobe to the artists and on it you will get an impression of a moment created in a rush of inspiration.

Production and organisation: City of Women.  

Date and time of event: 
Oct 07th 15:30 - 17:00
Place of event: 
Novi trg near the fountain
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