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Literary marathon

As part of City of Women Festival and in collaboration with ŠKUC and Apokalipsa magazine in 2003, 2004 and 2006, the Women’s Stage became the platform for Slovenian women’s voices. During its second decade, however, the need has emerged for writers of all genders, ages and languages to exchange experience, know-how and critical energy to be directed to the creative expression of the truth of the time we live in and which will help us survive as autonomous and sovereign individuals. 

The subject of this year’s meeting is ANGER in all its forms: as a force that keeps us going and gives us energy to confront the innumerable (also bureaucratic) obstacles in the social and political field; as indignation, infuriation, satire and sarcasm, protest… anything which might serve as a STRATEGY OF SURVIVAL. 

The stage will be all yours for a maximum of eight minutes. You’ll have a chance to be angry in a creative way, to be overwhelmed by anger or to take a critical stand – to oppose it, talk about the alternatives, the need for change or maybe a more active involvement, in any way whatsoever: you may read a poem or an excerpt from a novel or a humorous sketch, you may simply talk about your experience, give a performance, tell what you passionately discuss or criticise with your friends over a cup of coffee, protest by silence, scream, be indifferent to anger or critical… There are a number of ways and forms – the only limit is time and space… 

“The valve bursts. / The lions are raging.” (Srečko Kosovel, Kludsky Circu 

Seat No. ...
undresses, undresses.
Everybody watches.
Nobody sees
that she is hanging by her teeth.
Rising. Already near the tent-top.
Insolent comments.
Shameful laughter.
Now she sheds her last veil.
They watch her
biting with the eyes
They applaud.
She has beautiful thighs.
Wavy breasts.
They applaud
and mock
her suffering
and insult her.
See, the animal
is applauding the human.
The human is animal.
The animal is human.
The valve bursts.
The lions are raging.

(Translated by Bert Pribac & David Brooks)

Readings and performances will be staged in Slovene and Croatian language and will be presented in intervals, lasting 55 minutes with 5-minute breaks in-between. Participants will appear on stage according to the chronological order of applications' arrivals.

At 5pm:
Marinka Poštrak
 Patricija Dodič (poems)
Maca Jogan (prose)
Barbara Kapelj Osredkar (performance)
Majda Kočar in Aynee (chansons)

At 6pm:
Milijana Babić
Miomira Šegina (prose)
Mitja Drab (poems)
Miša Gams (prose)
Zalka Drglin (appeal)
Nejc Bahor & Matjaž Zorec (poetry performance)

At 7pm:
Aljaž Koprivnikar (poetry and prose)
Zalka Grabnar Kogoj (poetry)
Ana Porenta (poetry)
Danica Križanič Mueller (poetry)
Milica Šturm (satirical prose)
Anita Hudl (satirical prose)
Taja Kramberger
Barbara Korun

At 8pm:
Ana Pisar (prose)
Vesna Lemaič (prose)
Verena Balažic (poetry)
pesniški kolektiv PRIBOR (poetry)

The participation at the marathon is free of charge. You are kindly asked to apply for participation no later than September 25 by submitting a brief description of what you will do, as well as its duration, to or by telephone at 040.246.538; we will inform you of the exact time of your appearance.

Concept and organisation: Barbara Korun and Sabina Potočki

Organisation: Trubar Literature House; In collaboration with: City of Women. 


Date and time of event: 
Oct 09th 17:00 - 21:00
Place of event: 
Trubar Literature House
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