I’m Walking Behind You and Watching You is a female map of the city in which memory holders form the missing and ignored stories of women who worked their way through this city, created it, swore by it and breathed it, as well as those who migrated to it every day. If the...


Between October 2nd and 12th, the 20th International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women will take place at different venues in Ljubljana. This year's trans-disciplinary festival under the title Survival Tactics will focus on the working conditions of artists, the precariously...


While acknowledging the “problem of performativity”, Performative Gestures Political Moves, however, (still) lingers on the term, exploring its echoing in the research focused on what should thus also be considered as an effect of the performance of power – on the art...

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Kazemate Gallery (Ljubljana Castle) is a venue of Urša Vidic's latest project entitled Crystal Sea. Vidic's inspiration, as she is one of the most recognized Slovene artists of younger generation, emerged as a result of observation and intepretation of C. D. Friederich's...

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The Pochas (as myself and fellow Canadian Tanya Mars calls the trio of Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Erica Mott, Dani d'Emilia, usually during breakfast at the hotel, as in, “Have you seen the Pochas?”) invite me to watch the final 2 hours of the three-day workshop they offered at City of Women. I’ve...