Travel in the Box

This project, in formal artistic terms, connects a documentary, post-creative methodology with the documents/facts of the past. The work is about a survival strategy, employed – generally as a last resort – by migrants, the marginalized, and others, who are "robbed" of dignified life and who only want the freedom to exist or to be who they are, as well as the right to travel, to work, and to go to school ... A few years ago, while Raščić was travelling in North America, she came across a children's book that tells the story of Henry Box Brown, a slave, who in 1849 sent himself to freedom in another state by mail. Recently, a young and poor black man named Charles McKinley sent himself home as cargo, because he simply could not afford a plane ticket. The work of art, in a local and regional context, coincides with migration, a phenomenon known since prehistory; however, instead of adapting the entire legislation to the rights of the disadvantaged, the opposite is true – the European and Slovenian national regulations are not only repressive but also becoming increasingly fascist.

Computer programmer: Ivan Slipčević; Poets: Mehmed Begić, Andreja Dugandžić, Ivona Jukić, Tanja Stupar, Marko Tomaš.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 13th 19:00
Place of event: 
P74 Centre and Gallery