Mercedes Peón is frequently compared to Sinead O'Connor, since both artists are famous for their distinctive voice in combination with strong authorial personality, dynamic stage performance, and – last but not least – shaven head. However, the similarities become less obvious in relation to their respective work. Mercedes is interested in tracing the roots of Galician ethno music and combining them with contemporary expressive gestures. Galician bagpipes stand as her symbol, in addition to her frequent use of clarinet, which might also be mentioned as a distinctive feature of her music. Her recent interests have evolved around exploring electronic sound manipulation and adding images to the acoustic base. It soon becomes evident that the most sophisticated expressive instrument she has at her disposal is simply her own voice, which finds its way into utterly foreign soundscapes in the present project. The solo project that Mercedes has been performing in carefully chosen intimate international settings for over a year now combines both of her most radical authorial personalities up to this point: Galician tradition in a digital environment. Zoran Pistotnik

Organization: Cankarjevi torki, Cankarjev dom; In collaboration with: City of Women; Supported by: Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 13th 20:30
Place of event: 
Club CD, Cankarjev dom
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