PINA BAUSCH (1940 – 2009)

With a Bow, Silence, and Respect

The news of the death of the legendary and unforgettable German dancer and choreographer, Ms. Pina Bausch, was a bolt from the blue for the world, especially for those individuals who live a life of modern dance.

Ms. Pina Bausch, born in 1940, completely changed the development of modern dance. She was influenced by her teacher, Kurt Jooss, who mixed modern ballet with theatre, including placing naturalistic movement and moral issues in the forefront; subsequently she began to create her own unique dance language/expression. Dancing bodies float in her works, their movement is effortless; as if archetypical stories of humankind were created out of semi-dreams. These stories seduced the crowds of loyal fans who followed her work and always came back to her performances, leaving them weeping, emotionally shaken, and cathartically changed. Ms. Bausch was a master at creating a space for the individual, at instilling a sense of complete intimacy and personally addressing Everyman; not only with a story, but also with her manner of (physical) positioning on the stage. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that she beguiled the great European film directors Pedro Almodóvar and Federico Fellini, who showcased Ms. Bausch in their films.

How very special and irreplaceable she is was confirmed by reviewers and award juries all around the world; she was a recipient of the two biggest awards: the Kyoto Prize (2007) and the Golden Lion (2007) for Lifetime Achievement.

Jasmina Založnik

Date and time of event: 
Nov 01st 22:41