The Cave of the Yellow Dog (Die Höhle des gelben Hundes)

Germany / Mongolia, 2005, 90'
Film for children and youth, ages eight and up.

Mongolia, the land of the nomads. We meet a little girl, Nansal, who becomes friends with a stray dog she finds. Her father is against this newly established relationship, concerned about the future, when the family will have to pack up the yurts and head off to a new location. But he changes his mind when the dog, Zochor, saves the life of Nansal’s brother... A simple story of a young family brings the lives of nomadic children closer to us – we learn about their games and the course of their everyday lives. The presentation of a children’s film from a distant land provides an exceptional opportunity for that familiar story of the instant bond between a child and a pet to be told from a different perspective, and which allows children from a different context to nevertheless identify with those seen in the film.
Petra Slatinšek

The Cave of the Yellow Dog won several awards at various festivals (Bratislava International Film Festival 2005, Grand Prix; German Film Awards 2006, Award for Best Children's Picture; Hamptons International Film Festival 2005, best narrative feature film; Munich Film Festival 2005, Audience Award, etc.

Directed and written by: Byambasuren Davaa; Cast: Urjindorjyn Batchuluun, Buyandulamyn Daramdadi, Batchuluuny Nansal, Batchuluuny Batbayar; Country: Germany/Mongolia; Duration: 93’; Language: Mongolian, Slovene subtitles; Producer: Stephan Schesch; Organization: City of Women; Co-organization: Kinodvor;

Additional activity: Nomads live in tents. If you wish to help us build a tent, you are welcome to join us in the playful Sesame Corner on Sunday, 18th October in the Kinodvor cafe between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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Oct 17th 17:00
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Date and time of event: 
Oct 18th 17:00