Sajsi MC

Sajsi MC  

Sajsi MC says what she means. No compromising for easy breakthrough and popularity. Her engine is fuelled by edgy rhymes, while dance rhythms ease the sailing. She belongs to the transitional generation Y, which spent its childhood and youth in the whirlwinds of war and views society with more emotion and criticism than its western counterparts. With her absurd and politically incorrect songs – be they declarations of love or generational tributes to the urban, decadent Belgrade - Sajsi sarcastically counters a population of chauvinists. Sajsi MC commands the stage and masters the microphone and lyrics. But her sexy attitude is just a guise which masks a slick, charismatic frontwoman with a sharp tongue.

Lyricist and rapper Ivana a.k.a. Sajsi MC performs solo as a hip-hopper, but in 2003 she formed a band. Sajsi MC appears in various configurations: solo and as the band Sajsi. She has been collaborating with progressive Serbian musicians, such as Terry T and Bičarke na travi from the onset of her career, while Sajsi toured the entire ex-Yugoslavia. They have performed in an acous tic setting and as the dance-music duet of Sajsi MC and Sajsi Devojčice. Sajsi have broken through to the top of the Belgrade radio B92 charts and performed at the festivals Art & Music (Pula), Supreme Skool Yard (Zenica), and recently Exit Festival (Novi Sad). Who is better – Sajsi MC or Sajsi (with the boys) is yet to be decided. A substantial number of experts put their money on Sajsi MC, however, we can already look forward to seeing Sajsi in Ljubljana as well.

Sajsi MC / Ivana - vocals
Tijana – back vocals

Organized by: City of Women; In collaboration with: KUD Mreža – Menza pri koritu

Date and time of event: 
Oct 10th 22:00
Place of event: 
Menza pri koritu, AKC Metelkova mesto