Magical Knitting of Animated Films

Short film programme for adults

Mid Air
(1986, 16’, beta, live action/experimental)

Why would women in Europe today want to be witches? The film sets out to answer this question.


Wheel of Life
(1996, 16’, beta, animation)

Drawing on the Old Testament, the film tells a tale of original sin and destinies controlled by the forces of nature and man. The narrative is punctuated by images of creation and destruction, of pre-history and modernity, of love and hate, and of life and death. (Michael Sweet)


Live TV
(1993, 1’, beta, live action/experimental)

How our lives become entangled in media, and media becomes part of our lives.


Passing On
(1988, 30’, beta, live action/experimental)

A poetic observation of different cultural attitudes towards ageing, dying, and the beyond.


The Last Circus
(2007, 17’, beta, animation)

The dreams and memories of Godiva, a dying woman. We are privy to her life as it flashes before her eyes. The knitted characters come to life on the stage, drawing influences from the theatre of the absurd, reality TV, and the circus.


The Dragon and The Fly
(1999, 1’, beta, animation)

The Dragon is the sulphur drenched Port Talbot in South Wales. The steel works come to life at night, when the refinery gushes out its fiery tongue. While a fly is slowly dying on a windowsill.


Screening is part of the project Penisola delle Donne - the City of Women film programme.
Supported by: Slovenian Film Fund
Organized by: City of Women
In collaboration with: Kinodvor, Otok Institute

Date and time of event: 
Oct 12th 21:00
Place of event: