Just Being

Durational Performance

durational performance or a visit to the space of being

We are burdened with the need to control our lives, wechase opportunities anxiously afraid of missing a moment, we document our every move so the slightest eventwill not go forgotten. We want to process, chew over,and spit out each fact, feeling, and discovery. But why not stop for a moment and just be? I abandon my most intimate space, my bedroom, and open its door to the public, leaving behind memories, realized and unfulfilled ideas, processed emotions and notes. These products take my place, so I as a person can draw back and just be. I leave no trace, absorb nothing. Another being is free to join me and be. Once I have done this in my home, I can colonize any gallery. There I document the visitor, pasting together a new collage of memories, while a pale projection of myself slowly emerges behind my back, a projection of me who once was and once again will be.

Concept, performer: Pila RusjanProduced by: City of Women
Organized by: City of Women


Date and time of event: 
Oct 11th 09:00 - Oct 14th 16:00
Place of event: 
Artist’s home