Iva Nova

Sankt Peterburg

in their six-year existence achieved the reputation of an excellent live act and one of the more interesting musical collectives in the current Russian alternative culture underground. In Slovenia the girls proved this to be true two years ago on the stages of the Red Dawns Festival. Their sonic expression is girlish and playful, yet feminine and proud. They originally combine an explosive cocktail of punk ethics and Russian spirit with elements of ska and reggae, with a jazzy influence of tango, klezmer, and the like. Their rock’n’roll edge and avantgarde intricacies evoke the urban scents of the city of “Piter”, but when the voices resound with Slavic and Tartar themes, we find ourselves back in a Russian village.

 Vera Ogareva - vocals
Nastia Postnikova - vocals
Katherina Fedorova - drums
Elena Zhornik – Russian accordion
Inna Lishenkevich - guitar
Elena Novikova – bass
Katia Grigorieva – bass

Organized by: Cankarjev dom
In collaboration with: City of Women



Date and time of event: 
Oct 14th 20:30
Place of event: 
Cankarjev dom, CD Club
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