Concert of ethno- fusion music

This critical interpretation of traditional Slovenian music, including Kaj Ti Je Deklica, Dekle Je Po Vodo Šlo, Bose Nožice, Žabja Svatba, Pčejlica and Lepa Vida, rendered through an aboriginal instrument, presents »folk« in a new set of clothes. Folksongs, reborn with the help of the didgeridoo, percussion, violin, accordion, electric guitar and cello, together with the vocals of this seven-member group - all but one of whom are female - are relived as an experimental-meditative complex of melodies and sounds interwoven with strong vocals. Uluru provide multi-instrumental approach and develop familiar melodies into an almost mantra-like rhythmic jamming, which evolves and re-evolves through improvisation. Thus over and over again this ensemble creates innovative sonorous associations, and, with each new performance, composes anew. Through their new material, they clearly draw attention to - and address - the traditional roles of women; they also reflect on social significance, and simultaneously construct collective creativity as well as radiate femininity.

Organized by: City of Women; In collaboration with: KUD France Prešeren

Date and time of event: 
Oct 06th 22:00
Place of event: 
KUD France Prešeren
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