Svetlo Modro In Rožnato / Light Blue and Pink

Site- specific Installation

Pink for a girl and blue for a boy? This is what they said even before we were born. And afterwards girls were good and boys were naughty, whereas parents were considered normal if they followed this pattern. The art installation Light Blue and Pink deals with the differences in upbringing, growing up, the habits etc. of boys and girls. Its basic platform are light blue and pink shades which – as a stereotype – are respectively assigned to boys and girls. Pink cakes, blue balloons, active boys and thoughtful girls... Want to know the baby’s gender? Just try the »indisputable« method of our grandmothers: if a pregnant woman wishes to find out what she is carrying as early as the third month, she should whip-up some egg whites: If they immediately form stiff, solid peaks, then she is expecting a boy; if they just won’t harden, she is expecting a girl.

Produced by: Sezam – Association of Parents and Children
In collaboration with: City of Women
With the assistance of: Government of Republic
of Slovenia – Office for Equal Opportunities,
Nama International,
Kitten Café (Mačja kavarnica)- Kaval Group,
Šola Prosti Čas, Fun Food d.o.o.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 06th 11:00
Place of event: 
Nama, Mačja kavarnica (4. nadstropje)
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