Stripburger #46: Laugh Out Loud!

Presentation of Stripburger’s special issue

Thematic pages of the Stripburger comic magazine latest issue laugh out loud! They join City of Women’s appeal for ludicrous, dreadful, clownish, cynical, self-ironic, provocative, shallow, roaring, hidden, malicious, frank or uncomfortable laughter as possible views of us and the world.

Although comics are inseparably related to the innumerable deceptive faces of humour, they are more about parodied and satiric (mocking) laughter, and usually more about guys. Stripburger#46 dedicates more than half its pages to works by Slovene and foreign women artists. It introduces socially critical and intimate – and in particular original – comic strips by such authors as Andreja Kladnik (Slovenia), Saša Kerkoš (Slovenia), Maja Veselinović (Serbia), Anne Ehrlemark (Sweden / Slovenia), Malin Biller (Sweden), Kati Kovacs (Finland), Geneviève Castrée (Canada), Cinders McLeod (Canada), Roberta Gregory (USA), Mary Fleener (USA) and Dunja Janković (Croatia).

Last year, the young Croatian author Dunja Janković was awarded first prize at the Crtani Romani Šou, Croatia’s only festival of comics. She provided the cover for the new issue of Stripburger, and in an interview reveals at what she laughs at most in her comics. Established Canadian cartoonist Cinders McLeod rounds up the thematic pages with a comic strip upon comic strip which is unfortunately topical subject matter even sixteen years after its emergence - and despite Stripburger’s best efforts - still topical in Europe and beyond. Her contribution addresses the question as to why there are still so few women in the world of comics. The aforementioned artists will be accompanied by work of the authors who responded to City of Women and Stripburger open call Laugh Out Loud! In the regular part of the magazine a place for works of male comics’ artists was also found. Tea Hvala

Organized by: Stripburger
In collaboration with: City of Women,
SEM Café

Date and time of event: 
Oct 05th 18:00
Place of event: 
Kavarna SEM
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