The duo Starke - or MAG (»Middle-Aged Girls«) isn’t troubled by the burden of their age. On the contrary! They are very vital and unusually well informed as to the possibilities provided to the contemporary musician by information technologies. Starke recorded melodies on an old synthesizer, and via a notebook, added drum’n’bass, disco, house and electro rhythms, and softened these amalgams with a bluevelvet voice. In their homeland - Cuntonija - they recorded a video for their song which expresses their »concern« regarding the universal (self)indulgence of sexual urges on the web. Thus Starke boldly eroticise technological tools; for example in the verse: U-eS-Be, hajde uđi u mene! (Come on USB get into me!) and Internet konekcija moja je erekcija (Internet connection is my erection), although at the same time they easily give up technological tools from the modern era (a verse from the song Super Cunts reads: »Super cunts need no lubricants!«).

Vocals, matrices: Andreja Dugandžić & Jelena Milušić

Organized by: City of Women; In collaboration with: Menza Pri Koritu - AKC Metelkova Mesto

Date and time of event: 
Oct 13th 22:00
Place of event: 
Menza pri koritu/AKC Metelkova mesto
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