Lupus in Fabula and Neurons Performance, sculpture at Me? You? No! It! exhibition

Performance, Sculpture
performans, skulptura na razstavi Jaz! Ti! Ne! Ono!

 In the light of the bizarre and the surreal, Myriam Laplante’s work sets before us a circus and the comic theatre of life, which could make us «laugh out loud« if she wasn’t playing in profound seriousness. Projecting an image of the world through the personification of mythological or fictional characters, Laplante’s performances create a space of opposition in which she tries to accommodate the misleading promises of fairytales and her own entanglements with reality, where different - or no - rules apply. Drawing on Grimm’s tale The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, the performance Lupus in Fabula significantly takes off from the original story, turning the image of mother the saviour into mother the destroyer of the world she herself creates. The no-longer innocent spectator is invited to enjoy the transformed leftovers of the hour-long »massacre«. The sculptural work Neurons, uses the idea of the irreplaceable and most essential cell of the nervous system – responsible for processing and transmitting information – to comment on the malfunctioning of the brains of world leaders…

The exhibition is open from 5th to 13th October 2007 (except on Mondays) between 10 am and 6 pm.

Organized by: City of Women
In collaboration with: Moderna Galerija
With the assistance of: Instituto Italiano di Cultura (Italian Institute of Culture),
Centre for Contemporary Arts Celje

Date and time of event: 
Oct 05th 20:00
Place of event: 
Moderna galerija/Mala galerija
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