Hanka Paldum


Remember the green eyes with which we were madly in love, but lost? Hanka Paldum, the Bosnian singer who back in the Yugoslavia of the 1980s skyrocketed to stardom, is still shining – and with a new vigour! In the deluge of the turbo trend this past decade there was neither time nor space in Slovenia to listen to this brilliant singer; however, in the meantime the reputation of the diva of Bosnian popular music - who has also been considered the personif ication of Bosnian sevdah (lovesickness, yearning for love) - has been extolled to the heavens. When one listens to Hanka Paldum’s brilliant interpretation of Bosnian love songs, you can hear that determination, desire and strength is not exactly new or a »western« phenomenon. At the same time, this concert at the Cit y of Women festival is an opportunity to re-address the question as to the autonomy of ar twork, namely: does the ideological and political str ucture of the audience become one with the ar twork?

Organized by: City of Women
In collaboration with: Cankarjev Dom
Promotion with the assistance of: Islamic Community of Slovenia; Biser - Association Jesenice, Bosnian Cultural Association of Slovenia; BH4 Society; and Liljan - the Association of Bosnian and Herzegovinian Friendship

Date and time of event: 
Oct 11th 21:00
Place of event: 
Cankarjev dom
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