Antoinette Jadaone

Short Film

Late-night television talk-show host David Letterman belts out a large hearty laugh; and a big part of the reason you smile while watching his show is because he laughs so hard at his own jokes that you can’t help but laugh with him. The short films of Filipino director Antoinette Jadaone also incite laughter, but their delivery is just the opposite. Antoinette - and her characters - retain a completely straight face, causing you to wonder if the director herself is laughing behind the camera, and if your own chuckles are not misplaced. In the economy of her means and mischievousness of her visual puns, she could be considered a Filipina version of Wes Anderson. There is an inimitable charm to Antoinette’s films, three of which will be screened at the festival, an appeal that transcends the boundaries of culture and language. But this charm has dimensions. Her films speak a universal language, but it is the varying reasons behind the audience laughter that add to their significance, and thus make them more interesting.

‘Plano (Philippines, 2004/05, Mini DV, 2’17’’)
It Feels So Good To be Alive (Philippines, 2005, Mini DV, 2’49’’)
Tag Along (Philippines, 2006, Mini DV, 5’20’’)

The films are without dialogues.

Organized by: City of Women; In collaboration with: Cankarjev Dom

Date and time of event: 
Oct 08th 18:00
Place of event: 
Cankarjev dom, Kosovelova dvorana