We Are Bold American Women

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We Are Bold American Women: The Social Lives of Slovenian Women in America (1906-2006)

“We are bold American women; Slovenian born, we speak our beautiful mother tongue without shame.” (From The Anthem of the Slovenian Women's Union of America by Ivan Zorman, Jr.)

The opening lyrics of the anthem of the Slovenian Women's Union of America sum up the confidence, pride, respect and optimism that Slovenian women felt in the New World. With the resources and opportunities available to them, immigrant women built and fully-realized lives for themselves and their families. Organizations and community activities were key to their success.

Participation expanded their knowledge and created a network of support, while helping women integrate into American society without losing their Slovenian identity. Beginning with the first women's societies established a century ago, the scope and variety of social options enjoyed by Slovenian-American women has been remarkable, often greater than that which was available to their sisters in the homeland. Many clubs and lodges still flourish today, and new ones are being formed. At the same time, more women have assumed leadership roles within fraternal and cultural societies - testament to their ability to sustain and grow their organizations through fund-raising and volunteer service.

From generation to generation, Slovenian-American women have responded to challenges with ingenuity, hard work and organization, thus ensuring that they will keep the Slovenian spirit alive in North America for decades to come.
Joseph Valenčič

Joseph Valenčič’s lecture and the documentary 100% Slovenian – which he co-wrote – also relate to this topic and are presented at this year’s festival.

Organisation: City of Women
In collaboration with: Cankarjev dom
With the support of: U.S. Embassy Ljubljana, Slovenia


Date and time of event: 
Sep 26th - Oct 10th
Place of event: 
Cankarjev dom, Klub Lili Novy