Shiny, Lonely, Inside and Without (Sijoče, osamljeno, znotraj in brez)

Intervention in space and body

Sijoče, osamljeno, znotraj in brez / Shiny, Lonely, Inside and Without is a research into the tension existing in the relationship between feminism and femininity. I have always been interested in how far back into history ‘practical feminism’ has taken women and their primary female aspect – indecisiveness and fragility, and how this has been reflected upon mankind as a whole.

I drew inspiration for this work from the sculptures and texts by French-born American visual artist Louise Bourgeois, who dedicated her life to the destruction of idealised images. I want to deal with expectations, disappointments, return, reinvestigation and re-instalment of objects and subjects of desire, as well as the (in)ability to attain gratification.

Visual interventions and sound for the performance will be contributed by Vedran Vučić, my year-long collaborator, with whom I intend to establish a creative connection between science (theories of perception, communication techniques, interactive software, and new technologies) and stage performance.

My work investigates two primary aspects:
1) how (female) manipulation affects the performer within the field of the (male) gaze?
2) what is the nature of the relationship between the body and a manipulated interactive environment?

I am also interested in the research of my own body’s (in)abilities, and the advantages of using an audience for reflection. The reflection of poses and the utilisation of audience reactions shall serve as the basis for the development of movement; while the object and subject of observation/action will become one.
Dragana Alfirević

Co-production (Magdalena Lupi): TRAFIK, Rijeka; Muzeum, Ljubljana
Organisation and production (Dragana Alfirević & Vedran Vučić): City of Women
In collaboration with: City of Women, Bunker/Stara elektrarna


Date and time of event: 
Oct 09th 22:30
Place of event: 
Stara elektrarna