Road Works

Selection of works (retrospective) and street intervention

The Road Works exhibition focuses on a review of three-decades of public space projects and performances by Sanja Iveković, and is the artist’s first solo presentaton in Slovenia. A catalogue with a narrative by Bojana Pejić shall be published in association with the Galženica Gallery to mark this occasion. In addition to a selection of her works in the P74 Center and Gallery, the artist shall also perform a piece entitled Attention: Women at Work at the selected location in the centre of Ljubljana. In it she will deconstruct stereotypical representations of gender and the traditional division of labour according to gender.

Since the 1970’s Sanja Iveković’s work has dealt with social and political issues from the perspective of feminist critics. She addresses issues pertaining to the stereotypical representation of gender, public memory and history, together with the consequences of political and economic transition in Croatia, as well as art systems and participation in art, etc. Regardless of the media used – performance, video, installations, actions in public spaces, media and activist projects – Sanja Iveković transfers a broad spectrum of personal topics into the public and media domain, thus pointing out their political potential as well as social effect. The selection of projects – SOS Nada Dimić, Lady Rosa of Luxemburg, The Women’s House, For Your Eyes Only, Triangle 2, Liverpoll and others – presented within the context of the Road Works exhibition, were produced using various media, and are both time- and site-specific. Regardless of their individual context, they all share a common feminist approach to the dialectics of public and private spheres.
Urša Jurman

Produced and organised by: Center in Galerija P74
In collaboration with: City of Women; Galerija Galženica, Velika Gorica (Croatia)

Date and time of event: 
Oct 03rd - Oct 28th
Place of event: 
Center in Galerija P74