Edgy Women

Queer performance

˝Edgy Women embraces and represents the most significant qualities of the best cabaret performance… An absolute dream to watch after years of dour women’s performance art, frothy feminism, and mishandled political agendas.˝ (Sasha van Bon Bon, producer of the Scandelles, and a nationally syndicated sex columnist, Toronto)

Edgy Women is a showcase of short works by Montreal’s most innovative feminist queer artists.
Rich in incisive wit, this multidisciplinary programme employs physical theatre, experimental sound and video to explore broad issues of social dynamics, popular culture and personal identity, as well to expose parallels between team sports and pornography. Embracing silliness and experimentation, each work is an exercise in imagination. In addition, Edgy Women offers audiences a privileged peek into life backstage via a live video feed from the dressing room.

The show features live work by Nathalie Claude (Lapine-moi and PopStar), Alexis O'Hara (2Face and 23 chromosomes), video by Dayna McLeod (The Pleasure Zone) and Lamathilde (Triple Axxxle), as well as Miriam Ginestier (fake emcee) – all drawn from past editions of Studio 303’s Edgy Women Festival in Montreal. Directed by Miriam Ginestier and presented each March, the annual Festival features workshops and a diverse programme of cutting-edge work which is both experimental as well as entertaining, and provides an excellent opportunity for audiences to experience content-driven artwork by women.
We hope you enjoy the show!
Miriam Ginestier

Organisation: City of Women
In collaboration with: KUD France Prešeren, Klub Gromka/AKC Metelkova mesto
With the support of: MOL – kabinet županje 


Date and time of event: 
Oct 07th 21:00
Place of event: 
KUD France Prešeren