Diary 012 (Dnevnik 012)

Book Presentation

The Dnevnik 012 / Diary 012 project aims at addressing the issue of stereotypes as well as those lesser known and suppressed dilemmas that exist in the parent-child social relationship. Irena Pivka collected and recorded stories gathered between April 2005 and April 2006 during a year of maternity leave. The book, produced in fifty copies, is intended to provide parents with the possibility to co-create a personalised diary. Thus the project, instigated by the author, continues in the hands of the user. Festival visitors will be able to buy the diary at a symbolic price.  

In addition to occasional authorial interventions, Diary 012 is a collection of notes on discussions about parenthood that constantly arise between parents and relatives, friends and acquaintances. In gleaning the material for its creation, Irena Pivka did not conduct actual interviews, and none of the people she talked to – in the street or park, or during a phone call or e-mail exchange – knew their words were being recorded. The identity of these narrators remains a mystery, most stories were published with the permission of those 'involved', while the statements of coincidental and unknown persons were also especially adapted for the publication.

It is astonishing just how many important issues can be broached during the course of an informal chat lasting only a few minutes; and some essential dilemmas of parenthood were brought to the fore by way of such conversations: How to face the so-called ''established'' system of giving birth. How to deal with the initial problems caused by an irrevocable change of identity and the strenuous demands of childcare, and how institutions specialised in this field can help. Surviving postpartum depression. Picking up a career after maternity leave. Placing a baby in childcare. Facing the suppressed truths that new parents have to deal with, as well as society’s attitudes to parents and children… These anecdotes encompass the intimate experiences of individuals, as well as thoughts about the role given to parents by society.

Once they said that all conversations ended up with two subjects which significantly 'labelled' the individual: men spoke about the military, whereas women about labour. The younger generation no longer engages in conversations about the military…
Irena Pivka

Moderated by: Tanja Mastnak

Organisation: City of Women
In collaboration with: Slovenski etnografski muzej, Maska 



Date and time of event: 
Oct 08th 16:30
Place of event: 
Slovenski etnografski muzej