Cultural Prejudices and Obstacles that Prevent Women to Take a Grater Role in Using Technology in Arts


This paper examines the author's experience in projects in which women should have better access to modern technology. The rigorous prejudices and practises that some women face in schools, the theatre, as well as various visual and performing arts is especially emphasised. This text reveals that due to cultural and other prejudices women are – unless they are encouraged – oppressed and prevented from enjoying equal access to modern technology in the arts, universities, schools and other environments. However, women are – in the author's experience – usually confined to administrative work or branded as carers. Vedran Vučić believes that such is a reflection of the traditional divisions of labour within the patriarchies which still predominate in many a milieu, and that this in turn creates a disbalance in education, science, art and culture, that causes harm to society.    

Organisation: City of Women
In collaboration with: Tovarna Rog


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Oct 08th 20:30
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Tovarna Rog