I want to get married. Where and how can I do it? The two individuals who want to institute conjugal union apply to the registrar of the administrative district which has jurisdiction over the place where they wish to marry. In their application the couple should declare that they are instituting such union of their own volition, and that every legal condition for such has been fulfilled. The LEGAL BASIS for marriage in Slovenia are Articles 25 and 26 of the Marriage and Family Relations Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No.69/04). SUPPLEMENTS TO THE APPLICATION: Copy of the register issued no more than 6 months prior to the wedding (for individuals who were not born in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia); upon application, information as to the witnesses must be stated (name and surname, and address); and in the event of encumbrance due to minority or blood relationship a permit issued by the competent Social Care Centre. INFORMATION ACQUIRED BY THE REGISTRAR: Verifies the personal information from the pertinent registers if the person was born in the Republic of Slovenia. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: In addition to the copy from the register (issued on the basis of international conventions or certified in compliance with the Act on Verification of Documents in International Traffic), foreign citizens must enclose: certificate of unmarried state; certificate of the country of which the individual is a citizen that there are no hindrances to the institution of the conjugal union, evidence of citizenship (certificate or passport).

The Law enforces marriage: wedding ceremony by kitch tm

A real wedding is one and at the same time a performance, a happening as well as pure marketing. Within the pompous concept of wedding, marriage becomes a parable of kitsch. The so-called turning point in the life of a woman or man is made banal to the extreme, a notorious media event, and a reality show intent on satisfying the need for spectacle.

The kitchtm artists - who actually get married – become parables of the dream woman and the dream man. Did one marry the other for money? What will the wedding dress look like, and what about the wedding ring? Who shall catch the bride’s bouquet? It will be surprisingly glamorous! This time, the usually intimate wedding ceremony is open to the general public. You are most welcome to join and enhance the innocent pre-wedding and raunchy pot-wedding atmosphere!

We reflect the post-post-modern state of exile, demystify wedding ceremonies, play with sexual orientations, and examine the political implications of the act of wedlock. This is not a marriage in the name of love, but exclusively of convenience! A kitsch wedding happens because the law enforces marriage and because people like kitsch.

kitch is a brand that performs as both an artistic group as well as individual artists. During 1999 and 2000 kitchtm labelled and priced parts of a human body under its own trademark, and documented a sales strategy in a text entitled Art is Merchandise (2003). The conceptual trading of parts of the human body is the first and original example of this type of artistic-theoretical work. In 2004, and as part of the kitsch project, kitchtm officially declared water, oil and human blood as merchandisable under the kitchtm brand. Three iconic fluids were promoted to the level of fetish, and by way of a universal contemporary marker – the brand – officially declared as kitsch. Kitchtm has presented its projects in Ljubljana, Maribor, Helsinki, Belgrade, Alcoy, Chicago, Graz, as well as on the web. “With a strong public note ... kitch projects intervene in the commonplace, toy with a new economy and indulge in artistically encoded manipulation with a well-considered interactive approach” Expert Committee for Intermedia Art (MzK)


Marlenna, Daphne and Emperatrizz are divas of the Slovenian media scene, top of the pops and the creme de la creme of Slovenian music. Famously distinguished by their glamour, extravagance and humour, Sestre represented Slovenia in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest.

MEM Couture

MEM Couture
Is this the return of a fashion that we nearly forgot to long for, or perhaps one which hasn’t even begun in these
lands? Surrealistic, supernatural and i-real. MEM Couture are spicily Parisienne.

DJ k u r o k o

From wild guitars to high-spirited strings with exotic touches, together with electronic subtypes with traditional DJtinges,
DJ k u r o k o has, by way of CD and LP knits, been a contagiously easy spinning multi-genre knitwear for a

MM Checkman

Although he draws from a variety of backgrounds, MM Checkman is a music mixer who provides sounds with an identical
cutting edge, bringing people to their feet in smoky clubs as well as airy festivals since 1996. The breaker of
time records in spinning and the record holder of average jumps per dancer, MM Checkman was driven out of the first
underground club due to his thunderous spinning.

Special guests: Music trio Sestre & MM Checkman
Costumes: MEM Couture
Wedding rings designer: Olga Košica

With: DJ k u r o k o & MM Checkman

Organisation: kitchtm
In collaboration with: City of Women
With the support of: Zvezda, confectionery; Valdhuber (wine); City Hotel Ljubljana

Date and time of event: 
Oct 08th 16:30
Place of event: 
Ljubljana Castle
Photo gallery: