Comics as Intimate Testimony


In addition to the exhibition, two comics workshops will be held at MGLC (this year boys are invited to take part as well!). Caroline, Dominique and Anke will introduce participants to the concept of comics as a reporting medium (the goal is to use comics to document all the events in this year’s festival!), and at the end of the workshop, Caroline will conduct an all-day silk-screen workshop. The day after the opening of the comics exhibition, there will be a chance to talk with the three comics artists in the MGLC gallery. The conversation will be moderated by Ciril Horjak – a comics artist, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, and an veteran contributor to the magazines Stripburger, Likovne besede, and Grejpfrut – and Cécile Perrin – a freelance concert and exhibition organiser from France. This conversation will be especially important for those who plan to attend the comics workshop.

The number of participants in the workshops is limited. There is no participation fee, but you must make an application! Deadline for applications is Saturday, October 6. You can apply to the workshops at the office of the City of Women Festival, at Kersnikova 4, or via e-mail:
The works produced as a result of the workshops will be exhibited October 21 – November 4 in the gallery Faraonika by the City Library Oton Župancic, Gosposka 1, Ljubljana.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 11th 11:00 - 14:00
Place of event: 
Mednarodni grafični likovni center – MGLC