Comics as Intimate Testimony


The comics part of this year’s City of Women Festival presents three of the most talented and successful contemporary European female comic book authors. Caroline Sury from Marseilles, Dominique Goblet from Brussels, and Anke Feuchtenberger from Hamburg, will confront us with an exhibition of works that tell their autobiographical and intimately fictitious stories.
They all have academic backgrounds; they all started working in comics in the nineties; in addition to comics, they all do illustrations; they all frequently exhibit their work at festivals and in art galleries; they all conduct comics workshops and are successful at printing their own comic book albums; and they all share a rather unusual lyrical narration. What made them leading figures in the contemporary comics world is their original graphic styles. From this point of view, Caroline’s is the wildest and most systematically chaotic; Dominique’s style involves gentler lines, bordering on avant-garde expressionist paintings; while Anke’s line is the purest of the three and even more expressionistic than Dominique’s. If Caroline and Dominique focus more and more on autobiographical subjects, Anke remains firmly in her own oneirically symbolic world. Apart from their graphical styles, they are just as different in their use of colour, although all of them also excel in the aesthetics of black and white. The specifics of silk-screening makes Caroline again the loudest; Anke is a master of warm layering; while Dominique feels most at home in a world of grey with outbursts of bright red. And this is where I end my attempt at comparative analysis. In conclusion, I would like to underscore the most important fact: Anke Feuchtenberger, Caroline Sury and Dominique Goblet have each done a great deal for the development of comic-book language by experimenting with expression in comics. If anybody still doesn’t understand, let me put it like this: the names of the authors presented at the festival are written in block letters in the history of contemporary art. Don’t miss this unique opportunity for a personal confrontation with their works and words!
(Igor Prassel)

7. 10. : 20.30 – opening of the exhibition
8. 10. : 17.00 – interview with the authors
9. 10. : 15. -19.00 – Comics as a reporting medium (with Caroline Sury, Dominique Goblet and Anke Feuchtenberger)
10. 10. : 15.-19.00 – Comics as a reporting medium (with Caroline Sury and Dominique Goblet)
11. 10. : 11.00-14.00 – Silk-screen workshop (with Caroline Sury)

organised by: Mesto žensk/City of Women
project coordinator: Igor Prassel
in cooperation with: Mednarodni graficni likovni center – MGLC, Stripburger

Date and time of event: 
Oct 07th - Oct 19th
Place of event: 
Mednarodni grafični likovni center