Virtual Exiles


Kempadoo will direct a two day workshop for people who wish to express an experience or awareness of more than one cultural background, who identify with feelings of displacement and/or migration and who are interested in creatively expressing this in an imaginative and visual form. “I would also encourage people to participate who may not have this experience directly, but who have a relative or friend who they would like to work with.”  Whether it is through audio, video, a multimedia piece, or a series of images or texts, the participants are invited to contribute their own experience of being ‘settled’ within one culture and yet having a sense of belonging with another. Such contributions are then contextualised and presented alongside Kempadoo’s own work at the Virtual Exiles.

This workshop is ideally for people who have some creative background or who  are familiar with a creative practice. The number of workshop participants is  limited to 10. There is no admission fee, but prior application is required.  The application date is Wednesday, October 3rd. Applications will be accepted  at the office of the City of Women at Kersnikova 4, or by phone (01 438 15 80);  e-mail:

organised by: Mesto žensk / City of Women
in co-operation with Moderna galerija
with the support of The British Council

Date and time of event: 
Oct 11th - Oct 12th
Place of event: 
Moderna galerija