London Today III

Installation, Performance

Ever considered taking  on a new image? Ever tried something that went a bit  further than changing your haircut? Try out the Wig Therapy, Barby Asante’s  ultimate salon experience. 

This skilled and experienced expert will demonstrate how image transformation will affect your personality and mood. You’ll see a multitude of unexpected identities emerge. Discover what really makes you beautiful. Be it with “Short Blond”, “Dreadlock”, “Glamour”, “Pop Star”, or maybe with the slightly more sophisticated wigs of other Cultural Personae, the wig therapist will reveal in no time your true identity. “My desire is to look at how we can, in the words of Nitin Sawhney’s brilliantly titled album, go ‘Beyond Skin’ and into other spaces where our individual identities feel more comfortable with who they are. In order to display assigned, given or taken identities, I feel it is important to use elements that play with identity on such a fine line that they are discomforting as much as they are playful... As I feel we are forever performing our identities, much of my work is focused on the performative qualities of our bodies, in particular the black body and the body of a soon to be mother. I am interested in how these bodies fit into space, how these bodies are defined from the outside and how that impacts on the person who owned the body.” Barby Asante is a London based multimedia producer and artist whose work focuses on concepts such as identity and self-expression. How do we define personal identity through comparison, competition and aspiration? Much of her performance-installations place the viewer at the centre of the artistic process through physical interactive experiences. She explores the manipulation of image in our media-saturated environment. How do these images affect the self-image? How do the different spaces in which we present ourselves affect our everyday interactions with others?
Asante has been exhibiting, performing and teaching since 1994. Most recently she was a resident and exhibited at 198 Gallery (London) devising three performative interventions under the collective banner I Accept Your Image. I Am You. This year she presented Supermodel Studio at push 01, a contemporary British black arts event. She also works closely with inIVA, with the London based artists group Mannafest and was recently associate producer of HEADRUSH.urbanactivearts2000, a multi-arts festival held in London. She has taught ‘Photography and the Media’ at London Guildhall University, facilitated various workshops and is currently a research assistant at DARE, a digital arts resource for young children.

Program Barby Asante
Wednesday, 10. 10. at 23.00, Menza pri koritu (night intervention)
Thursday, 11. 10., 14.00 – 18.00, Hair salon Mič Styling, Židovska ul. 6, Ljubljana;
23.00, Menza pri koritu (night intervention)

organised by: Mesto žensk / City of Women
in collaboration with: Menza pri koritu
thanks to: Frizerski salon Mič Styling
with the support of The British Council

Date and time of event: 
Oct 10th
Place of event: 
Menza pri koritu, Metelkova mesto
Date and time of event: 
Oct 11th