Who is afraid of Witches?

Audio-visual Installation

The audio-visual installation Who is afraid of witches? subtitled 2000 years of sacrifice in the name of the state, devil and God symbolises a link with the persecuted women. It is a historical memory of those who did not survive, it is an ode to all those innocent found guilty and burnt at stake as witches.
The theorists of witch trials, hysteria and persecutions of witches claim that the memory of these events persists in us as a wound in our collective consciousness. That is why the trauma of women found guilty of witchcraft, burnt at stake, publicly ridiculed, threatened and dishonoured will not be forgotten until it has been named, confessed a thousand times and spoken of for each individual memory.
The interactive audio-visual project is based on a direct confrontation with the fact that the status of women in Western cultures, based on the Christian belief of the original sin, is fundamentally linked to the topic of witches and sacrifice in general. The fact that women were publicly tortured and burnt has left deep wounds of fear in our culture and at the same time the roots of feminine connection with magical herbal powers and knowledge of medicine were lost. With witches the process of sacrifice reached its peak, through it we can deconstruct church and civil authorities’ fears of strong, creative and free women. The creative act at the Ljubljana Castle was designed as a deconstruction of the image of sacrifice by the group of authors, so that everyone, and especially women who have lived and still live with sacrifice and oppression, could become aware of their deep independent power.
Nada Kirn Špolar

On 18 October 1425 Veronika of Desenice was drowned.

Authors: Marjetka Godler (artistic director), Nada Kirn Špolar; sound effects: Tomaž Grom; authors of the installation: Zlatka Knapič, Majda Golob, Katjuša Tavčar, Tjaša Bavcon, Boštjan Mljač, Sonja Toplak, Helena Škrbec, Vesna Mirtelj, Nataša Gala, Urban Novak, Meta Gunde, Barbara Černe, Maja Ferme, Mateja Jager, Mateja Kumar, Nadja Lapajne, Ksenja Berkopec, Mojca Janželj, Janja Jadranka Marot, Nataša Kovač;technical director: Tomaž Štrucl; light design: Slavica Radović;

With the support of: Kabinet županje Mesta Ljubljane, MOL Oddelek za kulturo,
Zavod za odprto družbo Slovenija, KulturKontakt Austria.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 16th 22:00
Place of event: 
Ljubljanski grad