The Lesbian Image / Imagination


‘The lesbian image/imagination’ is a one-day workshop exclusively for women, and designed to be fun and challenging.
” We will bring Polaroid-cameras and film with us, so we can view and discuss the pictures during the workshop. Use this as an opportunity to visualise your fantasies and dreams. You are welcome to bring your own props, clothes and models if you like. N.B. Not only for young women. I am looking forward to meeting you in Ljubljana.”
Marian Bakker.

When: from 10. till 13. and from 14. till 17.10. 1999

The maximum number of participants is limited to eight, so booking is necessary. The deadline for booking is Friday, 8 October. Register at the City of Women, phone: 061/329.184, or by sending email to:

In collaboration with: Kasandra - Women’s Centre - Metelkova Mesto, Ljubljana

Date and time of event: 
Oct 16th
Place of event: 
Ženski center - Metelkova Mesto