Lesbian ConneXion/s


Lesbian ConneXion/s is the first large-scale photo-exhibition in Europe on the theme of lesbian visibility. Sixty photographers from fifteen countries were invited to make images that reveal lesbian lives and lifestyle. Their different social, cultural, political or ethnic background provide a multitude of perspectives on lesbian reality/ies. Lesbian ConneXion/s wants to break stereotypes and hopes to contribute to a change of mentality. Alongside the exhibition, the organisers direct photographer’s workshops under the slogan They Will Remember Us.
Lesbian ConneXion/s was shown for the first time in Amsterdam during the Gay and Lesbian Games in 1998, and was seen by over three thousand visitors. Now Lesbian ConneXion/s is touring Europe. Organiser Marian Bakker:”In October, 2000 we would like to present the exhibition in Ljubljana. For this exhibition we want to collaborate with lesbians from Slovenia. If you are interested in exhibiting your pictures in next year’s show, or if you want to help us organise the project, please come to our presentation which is illustrated with slides. See you in Ljubljana”.

In collaboration with ŠKUC LL

Date and time of event: 
Oct 15th 11:00
Place of event: 
Galerija ŠKUC