Die Kleine Flugschule


Nina Meško lives and creates in Ljubljana. Her first work, Watching Alice, was presented at the Short Cuts festival in Dietheater Kustlerhaus in Vienna and the Four days in Motion festival in Prague and elsewhere.  She later developed the solo dance performance into a video-dance and video-installation. Her next, shorter work, 13 hours in April was only presented once at the Joyce Soho theatre in New York. The dance performance Die Kleine Flugschule is her third project. Visual and film arts play an important role in her performances. In her me-dium she develops a fragmentary language which ‘thinks in images’. The sequence of short cuts, editing of fragments, continuity of discontinuity and intense colours create a current of images which testify to her commitment to telling ‘open’ stories.
In Die Kleine Flugschule she builds a visual structure on the basis of (M)TV aesthetics which, in co-ordination with sound and motion, gradually brings the spectator to the point of identification with the person on stage. The image of the dancer is clearly defined by the removal of individual characteristics and a merciless subjection to observation.
Nina Meško feels the need to play with different identities. She does not wish to have a real or true existence, her being is as simple and playful as possible, and it is her playfulness which attracts the viewer with its poetic and sensual language.

Author: Nina Meško; choreography and dance: Barbara Hudournik in Nina Meško; music: Sašo Vrabič; photography: Žiga Kariž; costume designe: Vanja Meško; light design: Miran Šušteršič; producer: OPS!; subsidized by: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS; with the support of: Intakt, DSPS, Totra tekstil d.d.



Date and time of event: 
Oct 19th 19:00
Place of event: 
Plesni teater Ljubljana