Solo + Solo + Duo


Kaffe’s accomplice at the City of Women gig is musician/composer Stevie Wishart (see also page 25). As a musicologist Wishart has explored and researched archaic music traditions (such as from Rajastan, Occitania, or from the mountain villages of Cantabria), and medieval music. Her expertise, combined with an overwhelming intuition, gives her extraordinary improvisational skill, a skill she loves to use in experimental, contemporary, urban and high-tech settings. She performs with the Australian Quartet Machine for Making Sense and is regularly seen on jazz and improvised music stages (like this year’s Nickelsdorf New Music Festival).
In the City of Women we’ll first hear both musicians solo, after which they’ll conclude with an unprecedented, unique duet. 

Kaffe Matthews: Violin + electronics; Stevie Wishart: hurdy gurdy, violin, voice.

With the generous support of The British Council, Slovenia.
Sponsored by British Airways
In collaboration with KUD France Prešeren

Date and time of event: 
Oct 19th 20:30
Place of event: 
KUD France Prešeren