Ikola & Band

Lunka Erszi Ikola  

Transylvania is not gloomy vampire country, but an important European traditional music treasury, visited by folk roots, pilgrim collectors and musicians from all around the world for decades. Because of its seclusion it is an area which has preserved centuries-old traditional musical styles. Even though it is a part of Rumania, it surprises us with its interweaving of cultures, mainly Hungarian, Rumanian and Saxon. The ethno-musical Babylon has also been created by an army of local Romany musicians, performing at parties of various ethnic groups, taking their heritage, assimilating it and transmitting it to others.
Lunka Erszi Ikola (b. 1966) is one of the most outstanding Transylvanian Romany singers of the 90’s. Her performances are said to have been admired by Marta Sebestyen, and her rare appearances in the West have brought the world’s musical elite to their knees. Of course, her emotional singing, with a 100% local soul or blues, should be experienced at her concerts. Lunka is backed by one of the best Transylvanian Romany bands, led by the fiddler Istvan Jambor Dumnezu. Listening to the sonic explosions of three fiddles, two kontras and a double bass, you’ll promptly discover why the field recordings of the Transylvanian Romany
performances have been at the top of the list of sought-after items among Irish and Scandinavian fiddlers for years. (PBČ)

Tour co-ordinator: Peter Barbarič
In collaboration with: KUD France Prešeren
Supported by: Zavod za odprto družbo/ Open Society Institute -Slovenia; Open Society Institute Rumania



Date and time of event: 
Oct 16th 21:00
Place of event: 
KUD France Prešeren