Epi Pha Nic VI-VII

Kitt Johnson  

“EPI PHA NIC is a series of 7 performances inspired by a 500-year-old human child, with sun-tanned, parchment skin and feather-adornments, who broke through the ice atop Navado Ampato in Peru, in 1995. Once frozen in time and space, ritually mummified with the elements of the Earth, and now manifest with a timeless beauty which reveals the power and mobility of the Earth” – Kitt Johnson.
To see a performance by the Danish choreographer and dancer Kitt Johnson is to enter another world, a world beyond. With extreme precision and a unique sensitivity she creates universes that are utterly mesmerising and entrancing.
All the elements of theatre (beautiful, live music, a subtle lighting design, delicate costumes) support her minimal movements, which she performs with the utmost concentration. The results are startling images, fascinating, meditative tableaux-vivants in which thought, soul and spirit seem to materialise.
Her performances breathe a buto atmosphere. But unlike many of her European colleagues who try to imitate this Japanese spirit, she succeeds in embodying it. Film director Hisaya Iwasa writes, “I think that the best dancing originates from the beauty in the movement of the body, in order to create a world liberated from the body. Kitt Johnson’s dancing approaches that.”
She has performed the series in Scandinavia, Italy, Germany, and in the Far East, receiving the following comments from critics: “A grand dame who changes into something spider-like, dangerous… a number of striking transformations and visual riddles… a sensation of floating time” (Berlingske Tidende). “Never have I seen the body metamorphosed and changed as here… excellent” (Ekstra Bladet).

Performed by: Kitt Johnson; in collaboration with: Jette Bastian; live music: Jacob Kirkegaard & Sture Ericson.

Supported by The Danish Theatre Council
In collaboration with Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Date and time of event: 
Oct 17th 19:00
Place of event: 
Plesni teater Ljubljana