Artist Body - Public Body

Marina Abramović  

Marina Abramović is one of the most important perfor-mance artists and one of the most radical and engaged researchers of her own body as a source and medium of artistic expression. She was born in 1946 in Belgrade, to parents who were important military and political figures in former socialist Yugoslavia. Between 1965 and 1970 she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and in 1972 completed her graduate studies at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts.
While still a student she made numerous installations with sound and gave her first, provocative, public performances. The period between 1973 and 1975 saw her most radical performances: experiments with pain, physical distaste and disgust, usually at the limits of her physical and psychological capacities. In Amsterdam, in 1975, she met a German artist, Ulay, and thus began twelve years of living and working together. Their first joint performance, Relation Work, treated relations of duality (woman/man, sound/silence, inertia/energy);  later on they drew inspiration from other cultures. They adopted a nomadic life-style, travelling widely in Europe, the great deserts of the world - the Great Western Desert in Australia, the Sahara, the Thar and the Gobi - and living in China, Portugal and Thailand. With their perfor-mance of The Lovers/The Great Wall in 1988 they parted company. The period between 1989-1998 is marked by Marina’s solo performances, the most expressive being Cleaning the Mirror I, II, III, The Onion, and Cleaning the House which, like Delusional and Balkan Baroque are directly linked to the war in former Yugoslavia. For Balkan Baroque, which she performed at the Venice ‘97 biennial, she was awarded The Golden Lion for best artist. Marina Abramović has always believed that her public and the flow of energy between the highly concentrated artist and her audience are extremely important. In 1992 she dedicated Transitory Objects, which incorporated crystals collected while living in crystal mines in Brazil, to her audience. Her final theatre piece, Biography, is entirely dedicated to her public, and gives a detailed exposition of her past life; it is an open-ended work which is continually updated with new events in the artist’s life.

Artist Body - Public Body by Marina Abramović
Moderna galerija, 15.10. – 30.11.98
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Cankarjev dom, 15.10. – 30.11.98
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Oct 15th 20:00
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Moderna galerija, Cankarjev dom