Unknown Territory

Music, Video, visual arts

Marsa is a Tožibaba (a Snitch; also the name of an allwomen band from the 'eighties), with a capital T. Everything she says or does she enriches with lunar spices. No piece of paper is completely safe from the outpourings of her soul. And neither is K4 where she will present her creativity in fine arts and video.

Marsa = Tožibaba, Čao pičke, and co­operation with Borghesia, Lolita, 2227, exhibitions in KUD France Prešeren, the ŠKUC Gallery, illustrations for various advertisements of famous trademarks, directing and montage of a video project called Acid Video Mix, the artistic design of window­shops throughout Slovenia, astrological lectures, the casting of personal horoscopes, the lunar Calendar, and more and more ...

Organised by: ŠOU, Klub K4, in collaboration with: City of Women 

Price: 500 SIT (Students: 400 SIT)

Date and time of event: 
Oct 20th 22:00
Place of event: 
Klub K4